Friday 15 November 2013

Trenton Ontario Farm to Be Occupied for Peace, In Defence Against Government Aggression

This is an update on the story of Ontario farmer Frank Meyers, which I wrote about last month.

Frank Meyers has extended an open invitation to his supporters
to come to his farm and stay for an indefinite period of time
in order to prevent the military from proceeding with its plan
to steal and re-purpose his farmland.
Since that time, when a senior military official, accompanied by two (presumably) armed OPP officers visited the home of the octogenarian farmer to inform him that, going forward, he would no longer be the owner of his farm, Frank's legal battle has not proceeded in his favour. Despite his many efforts to combat the expropriation of his farm through legal means, Mr. Meyers stands to see his farm, as he knows it, scraped away to make way for a state-of-the-art 400 hectare training facility for the highly classified Joint Task Force 2, any day now.

With earth already being moved on neighbouring farms also expropriated by the Department of National Defence for the military training facility, Frank Meyers and his supporters have had to come to the sobering realization that a government cannot be effectively challenged from within a system where it acts as its own judge, jury and executioner.

A frustrated Meyers, this afternoon, told Lisa Gibson, the administrator of the Facebook page 'Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers Farm',  "Do what you have to do to save my farm!" The farmer has extended an open invitation for his supporters to come to his farm, and to stay for an indefinite period of time, in order to prevent the military from proceeding with its plan to steal and re-purpose his farmland.

I am reminded of a line from The Philosophy of Liberty, by Ken Schoolland;
You have the right to protect your own life, liberty, and justly acquired property from the forceful aggression of others. So you may rightfully ask others to help protect you.
Frank Meyers is asking for our help to protect his property, and, by extension, his life and his liberty, from the forceful aggression of the government. Occupation organizer Lisa Gibson sees a very real threat to Frank Meyers' life in the theft of his farm. She says, "I have been in the death care sector for 22 years. I have seen first hand that when you take a person Frank's age and you take away their purpose in life, their reason for getting up in the morning, they die!"

This demonstration will be an occupation for peace, demanding that government agents stand down with their aggressive acts of theft, and their threats of violence and imprisonment against those who dare challenge them. Not only will this demonstration demand peace at home, by speaking out against expropriation of private property, but also peace around the world, by attempting to stop the Canadian government from building a training centre for military assassins on the site of the Meyers farm.

The Occupation for Peace will begin at the Meyers farm in Trenton this Sunday Morning, November 17, 2013 at 11:00 am. The address is listed below. Organizers are currently seeking donations of supplies for the occupation including items such as portable toilets, tables, coffee, food, etc. For updates on the occupation, and to coordinate with organizers, like the Facebook page.

Meyers Farm
209 Meyers Creek Road
Trenton, Ontario

Please help to make this Occupation for Peace one powerful enough to neutralize even the Canadian Military. Share with your friends!


  1. Dean , certainly can appreciate the help you are trying to give Frank with this article ... BUT , you could have gotten a lot more respect if you hadn't attacked our Military as being "Assassin's " Our Elite military train to go into situations that most of us couldn't possibly comprehend. I don't agree with our government taking Frank's land , but lets keep the focus on the government , Not on the men and woman that risk everything so that we can live a safe life , enjoy the freedoms we do today , that have been fought for by generations past. Lets find a different piece of land ( preferably Crown property ) that our military can use to train these soldiers !

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I'm glad we can agree on the basis that it's wrong for the government to steal Meters' farm, regardless of their intended purpose for the property.

    If we can agree that government policy is, at least some of the time, morally questionable or outright immoral, then why should it be expected that military policy of the government is always moral. Military action has no force unless carried out by soldiers. I understand the good intentions of military personnel, but I would like to see those good intentions exercised by refusing to participate in foreign occupations by leaving the military.

  3. If this farmer loses his farm he will become very distraught and that will lead to severe depression and you will have taken the one thing that gave him the will to get up every day .Do not STEAL this mans home and put yourself in his shoes. He has likely put a lot of blood,sweat and tears into caring for his farm and he should be able to live there for as long as is needed.
    I am sure there are other places you can use so STOP badgering an innocent man who just wants to keep what is his. If anyone cares enough to help this farmer please stand with him because he needs your help and support.Unfortunately I am in poor health or I would be there right beside him.The best I can do is pray that the right thing is done and those trying to force him off his own property will re consider.Do the RIGHT thing and leave this senior alone!!

    1. Thanks Margie. Even though you aren't able to be there for tomorrow's occupation, you can still help by sharing this article facebook, and by telling all your friends on your email contacts list about this event.

  4. There are vast acres of nonproductive land in Canada that the government has access to and can use; yet they persist at gobbling up productive agricultural land and increasingly chose to use coercive tactics such as this in order to manipulate and intimidate peaceful landowners for the sake of such narrow-minded self-serving nonsense!

    This happens all to frequently in our so-called democratic nation, where ruling political parties irrespective of their color or philosophy, choose to abide by iniquitous, autocratic principles.

  5. It is unfortunate that this happens, I had 15 feet frontage that I wasn't able to use because it was to be for future use of the township, so to have everything you paid for taken for government use would be devastating. Surely there must be other areas, crown land in northern Ontario, for instance that could be used. Why should it always be the very people that work and support this country, that have to always be sacrificing for it. Let the politicians who make the decision to do this, give up their land.

    1. The defunct NORAD complex in North Bay.